Beauty and power made people to choose the horses to be their helpers and companions. Horses take on a new meaning for leisure, sport and therapy. Although inherently tough and durable, horses reared by humans need constant care and proper feeding. A horse friend is aware that he is responsible for the welfare of his animals.

SOLAN is a horse lover for generations. SOLAN Horse Feed is not only characterized by excellent quality from the hand of recognized specialists, but in addition contains only high quality raw materials and a large dose of love for animals. The variety of different types of horses requires responsive and balanced feeding horses when they bring the expected benefits of you and especially to live long and stay healthy. When feeding a horse only high quality and controlled raw materials should be used. It is precisely this high-quality raw materials offers you SOLAN product line of cereals, pellets, mineral mixtures and special diets for specific purposes (eg dietary supplements, compensation of deficiencies, support in special situations).To relieve the sensitive digestion of the horse, all grain cereal components in SOLAN hypothermic open (dampfflockiert).

Our feed for the Arabian Gulf Region:

Especially designed to fit the climate and match the roughage feed available in the region.

Also Camel breeders do love SOLAN for their flock!

solan horse feed

All Round,Cooling and Condition:

Breeding and Stud:

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SOLAN Horse Feed Details and Comparison Sheet

SOLAN Feed Supplement details and comparison sheet

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